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Please consider purchasing one of these resources to help us stay on the air.
There are a potential 5,000,000 souls at stake in these two broadcast areas.
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.Books  donations for these resources are used to pay for air time for the radio program. Thank you so much.  God bless.
Tough Problems - Real solutions
Tough Problems - Real Solutions
by Jim Burns
Suggested Donation of $9.00  181 pages
The Market Driven Church
by Udo W. Middlemann
Suggested Donation of $9.00  208 pages
the da vinci myth 
The Da Vinci Myth vs The Gospel Truth
by D. James Kennedy
Suggested Donation of $9.00  156 pages
managing your families high tech teen 
Managing Your Families High Tech Habits
Arnie Cole, Pam Ovwigho
Suggested Donation of $9.00  192 pages

water round the altar book 
Water Round the Altar
by Sharon Lindbloom
Suggested Donation of $9.00
When Chocolate isn't Enough book
When Chocolate isn't Enough.
by Michelle Medlock Adams
Some days it is all cupcakes
and tea parties and others it is
dark chocolate candy bars at
night after the kids have gone
to bed.

Suggested Donation of $9.00
Heretics by G.K. Chesterson book on fwmradio.online
by G. K. Chesterson
click on picture for description of the book.
Suggested Donation of $9.00
Layman's Bible Survey book at fwmradio.online
Layman's Bible Survey
by George Knight
click on picture for description of the book.
Suggested Donation of $9.00
Yorkshire Pudding DVD  
Yorkshire Pudding  DVD
with Adrian Plass
click on picture for description of the DVD.
Suggested Donation of $9.00
Bible Promises for Women 
Bible Promises for Women
click on picture for description of the book.
Suggested Donation of $9.00
Unlocking the Bible by Jeff Lasseigne 
Unlocking the Bible by Jeff Lasseigne
click on picture for description of the book.
Suggested Donation of $9.00


..Tracts..   $1 each (FREE shipping)  these tracts are foldout 6 section tracts with TONS of information
How to spot a Counterfeit Bible bible version comparison attack on the bible that amazing book bible correctors losing voice
25 Simple steps to spot
a Counterfeit Bible
KJV vs
Seven popular Bibles
Translations that attack
the Bible
If you think the Bible
is just another book...
read this.
Bible Scholar Loses Voice
on TV. God will Silence
truth about hell jesus is coming christian rock exposed rock music - the devils advocate rock music - it kills
You could be in
Serious Danger
Jesus provides a picture
of the end times
Could there possibly be any
clearer proof of the real "god" of
Christian  Rock?
Song lyrics and more.
""I am the anti-Christ..." Rod Stewart"
Nearly 2 thousand teenagers
attempt suicide every day!
resurrection of jesus christ abortion - what they won't tell you the rise of satanism world's deadliest drug fatal attraction
Fact or Fiction ?
What they won't tell you about abortion
90% of those involved
in Satanism are teenagers
Alcohol, the world's
deadliest drug
The Fatal Attraction
of SIN
Da Vinci Con        
The Da Vinci Code is
the most malicious
attack on Jesus Christ
in modern times

Our resources consist of Christian books and Christian tracts which we are great resources to help you in your daily walk with the Lord.  The donations for these books and tracts are used exclusively for our radio program.
For Regular donations please click the link below. DO NOT use this link for book selections.

Partner with us to help bring this much needed message to the world.

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